I am a Designer generalist with expertise in experience and interaction design, an enthusiast of technology, a lifelong learner and keen observer of human behavior.
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My Skills
Working for the best experience is designing products and services, with focus on the quality of the user experience involving stakeholders and users in order to create relevant solutions.
Experience Design
Information Architecture
Motion Graphics
Work Experience
UX Designer
Hotel Urbano Current Job

I work mainly with efficiency tests, customer behavior metrics analysis on the main website and designing the architecture and interfaces of internal and external business systems.

Information Architecture
Pearson 1 Years, 3 Months

I created interfaces/interactions for different platforms, as well as articulate the strategy of products with different stakeholders. I was also responsible for testing and evaluation of products' usability, to ensure, in every project, solutions' maximum efficiency.

Experience Designer
Eyllo Technology 2 Years, 8 Months

I conceived the look and feel of the entire company and help create it's very first products with augmented reality platform. Simultaneously, I started doing researches involving innovation and user’s experiences, building documents and improving methods for the use of new technologies.

Motion Designer Trainee
SENAC Dep. Nacional 1 Year

I integrated the Computer graphic team and assisted broadcast and multimedia videos production. My activities included compositions and special effects in videos, creation of video-dvds interfaces and motion graphics for open titles and vignettes.

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Wizard Plus Platform
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About myself

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, covering both product and graphic design, and a Master’s Professional degree in Ergodesign: Usability and Information Architecture.

I usually work with product innovation research, user experience and interaction for websites, services or mobile apps, and motion graphics for exhibitions or videos. I am very motivated to work on multidisciplinary projects that combine art, applied social science, and pushing the boundaries of technology.

I truly believe the experience is at the core of any design project (interfaces, services, apps, graphics etc), and it’s the most interesting and engaging factor in such projects.

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